Filipino Fusion Desserts

We've just launched a Behind the Scenes YouTube channel so that you can learn more about us and our products

About Us

We offer Filipino Inspired Modern and Classic Artisanal Desserts – Made from Scratch. We proudly cater Filipino Fusion Desserts in the GTA. 🇵🇭🇨🇦 Our desserts include a combination of traditional Filipino and Western desserts with a modern twist. Contact Us now to

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We've partnered with Cambio & Co. to create an event called FILIPINOESQUE before the holidays. It's a Filipino fashion and dessert bar pop-up.


Filipinoesque Pop-Up Toronto launches FILIPINOESQUE for the holidays, a Filipino fashion and dessert bar pop-up Filipino-themed pop-up aims to connect Toronto’s Filipino community by fusing two unlikely elements: ethical fashion and gourmet desserts. We have partnered up with Cambio &

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Dessert Catering

We offer dessert catering across the GTA. Check out our desserts that we offer for your special events or corporate functions.


Desserts Catering Filipino Fusion Desserts offers you fusion dessert catering. Read the full menu. You can order any of the 3 platter sizes below in two flavours: #Ubebaeplatter or #Halohaloplatter. Each platter will have a minimum of six different desserts.

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