Sari Sari Delights

Sari*Sari Delights in Seafood City Supermarket Canada


We supply our desserts in Seafood City Supermarket Canada located in our Filipino Fusion Desserts fridge located close to the check out counter, under their brand called Sari*Sari Delights.

The three products available in their store are:

  • Cheesecake Tarts: Ube and Pandan
  • Pastillas: Original, Ube, Pandan, Mango, Dulce de Leche, Chocolate, Strawberry & Assorted
  • Cupcakes: Ube and Calamansi


Product Feature

Pandan Cheesecakes. Pandan is another popular Filipino/Asian flavour outside of ube & is used to flavour many different desserts & drinks. The flavour is extracted from long green pandan leaves (aka screwpine). Much like vanilla bean, it is very fragrant & aromatic. Try our Pandan cheesecakes to taste this delicious flavour infused with cheesecake goodness!

This item is available on our #halohaloplatter


Graphics by: @regalbino (Reggie Albino)

Product photos by: @nikbphotography (Nik B. Photography)